A Brief Introduction to Leaked Pornography

A prominent example of direful media that has been an intense focus of our research efforts thus far is the realm of “leaked pornography.” We define leaked pornography as the unwilling, non-consensual, release of images or videos that depict private, suggestive behavior of a person(s), the disclosure of which is generally intended  to arouse sexual excitement in its audience. This definition is meant to be broad as it encompasses many different behaviors. It includes various materials such as those physically stolen from individuals, those taken through unauthorized access to computers, and those taken through violations of trust.

Previous terms that would fall under this new category include revenge porn, “sextortion,” and unauthorized sex tapes. The study of leaked pornography promises to be a fruitful endeavor in terms of creating new understandings of certain aspects of our information technology society. In particular, what leaked pornography means for topics such as privacy, user security and psychological conditioning is a key drive of our research.

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